Grass will be mowed to maintain the appropriate height for grass type and season to ensure a well-manicured and healthy appearance.


All sidewalks and curbs, to include driveways and ground level patios, are edged with a mechanical metal blade. All sidewalks, parking areas, curbs, and ground-level patios are blown clean of all grass cuttings, dirt, and debris at each visit.


Grass around all street signs, lamp posts, fences, and any other obstructions is trimmed to maintain a well-manicured appearance.

Bed cleaning and mulching

Beds are cleaned of all weeds, and mulch will be turned in the beds with client’s approval. Herbicides will be used when necessary.

Turf maintenance

Lawn areas are fertilized several times a year and aerated once per year to maintain good health, vigor, and color throughout the year.


Dead or diseased branches, lateral and/or crossing branches not consistent with standard form, and/or branches that need thinning for good light penetration and air circulation are removed. Pruning and trimming of tree suckers, water spouts, and low hanging branches are performed during regular visits.

Leaf removal

During fall and winter, leaves are removed (until trees have dropped all foliage) and discarded in an off-site landfill.

Clean-up/trash removal

All sidewalks, curbs, parking areas, and ground-level patios are blown free of clippings after each mowing. All debris associated with the lawn maintenance is removed during each visit.